Dear guests!

Ashram of Sri Devraha Baba is a traditional ashram, where karma-yoga, bhakti-yoga and other types of yogic sadhana are practiced. It is the abode for practicing yogins and sanyasi. When meeting someone in the ashram, it is customary to say: “Radhe Radhe!” (This is the traditional greeting form of the inhabitants of the Mathura-Vrindavan region).
Also it is recommended to be in “Shanti Shanti” condition, that is the state of peace and harmony, to keep “muni” (silence) whenever it is possible, except the situations when talks and discussions are necessary.

Clothes should be of free cut, not tight, without deep cuts, women should cover their shoulders and knees.
Before entering the ashram’s temples (same as in all India), it is required to wash hands, rinse mouth and feet.
Lady time for women is the time for rest, it is prohibited to enter the territory of machan and temples, attend pujas, do seva in the kitchen or in the temples, for example, it is prohibited to make flower garlands or to gather flowers).

Any kind of personal relationships are strictly prohibited, except neutral respectful relationships.



Under Indian law all foreign nationals must register online when arriving to a hotel, hostel, dharamsala or ashram. Before your trip to the asham please do the following:

  1. Prepare your photo. Requirements: size 3,5×4,5 like for a visa, white background, face is visible clearly. Max size of JPEG file is not more than 50KB.
  2. Fill out the registration form, doc/docx format (see the link below)
  3. Send your photo and the filled form to


Schedule in Ashram

Changes in schedule are possible depending on the season.

3.30-5.00 — Waking up in Brahma-muhurta period of time (on one’s own), taking a shower.
Practice. Allocate free time during a day on one’s own: something can be done early in the morning, the rest – after breakfast or after supper. Exception: if some event is planned with Guru Ji, for example, practice with him during special programs.
After practice. Seva (sweep the leaves, clean the ashram, etc.)

7.00 — morning aarti. Before the beginning, one may sit on Samadhi place and sing mantras or bhajans.

8.30-9.00 — Breakfast. Before eating, one should wash hands and rinse mouth, after the meal one should rinse mouth 4-8 times, wash hands and clean dishes. It is customary to eat by right hand according to vaishnava’s rules. Left hand is always kept clean. Left hand should be used for taking food from the common plates. One may share prasad (the food offered to God) only before one started to eat. All food is prasad in Ashram. It is not allowed to give leftovers to anyone: neighbors, brothers or spouse. Also it is not recommended to throw away leftovers, there is a special place for that food in the kitchen where birds and animals eat it.
Seva. Cleaning one’s place and surroundings, laundry, helping in the kitchen, in the temples and other places.

12.30 — Dinner. One has free time after dinner, unless there are another activities.

16.45-17.15 —  Masala tea.

18.30 — Evening aarti.

20.00 — Supper.