Brahma Rishi Yogiraj Sri Devraha Baba  is one of the greatest yogis in the history of India, he is the eleventh in the lineage from Sri Ramanuja Acharya (the saint philosopher from the south of India, the founder of Vaishnavism) and one of his outstanding disciples. He always radiated love. He was Premasvarupa, (truly spiritual) incarnation of love. People of all castes and classes used to come to bow to him from all over India. He was loved by indian politicians, he was visited by Indira and Rajiv Gandhi, ministers, saints, yogis, priests, rich and poor people – all used to come to darshan (spiritual blessing) to Baba.

The life of Devraha Baba is shrouded in mystery, and according to the different versions time of his life in the body is estimated between 150 and 250 years. Baba was called “Eternal Yogi”. Devraha Baba mastered the Khechari mudra by means of controlling his tongue and the time of his death. The first president of India dr. Rajendra Prasad witnessed about big age of the yogi. He said that he personally could confirm at least 150 years of his life. At the age of 73 he said that when he was a young boy, his father sent him to meet Baba, who was same old person, and his father had already known Baba for many years before that. The presence of Devraha Baba was recorded at 12 main Kumbh Mela holidays which take place once in 12 years. The lawyer of Allahabad High Court determined that seven generations of his family had sat at the feet of Devraha Baba.

On June 19th 1990 Devraha Baba left his body and entered the state of Mahasamadhi, having passed his power and knowledge to his disciples Dev Das Ji (Bade, the older one) and Ram Sevak Das ji (Chote, the youngest) Maharajas before that.


From the book of Ilya Belyaev “The Space of Consciousness

Devraha Baba was one of the recent great masters of India. He was gone in 1989 year. It is said that he was 250 years old by that moment. Baba lived on the bank of Yamuna river, opposite the Krishna’s city Vrindavan. Until now there is the ashram of Devraha Baba, whose white tower is visible from afar. One needs to cross the river by boat to get to the ashram. Kesho Das, german follower of Devraha Baba has been lived here over ten years. The ashram is ruled by two close disciples of the Master. One of them named Bade Maharaj was still a boy, when one tradesman with his wife came to Baba and asked yogin to show a miracle. Baba told Bade to take a handful of rice and throw it up in the air. The rice thrown in the air froze forming the holy syllable “Om”.

 – Nonsense! – exclaimed tradesman. – Fakir in our village shows such tricks. Show me the real miracle!

 – All right, – responded Devraha Baba and waved his hand. The tradesman turned into buffalo. His wife began to scream, the buffalo did not react to it – he stood calm and chewed his cud peacefully. Having held hapless tradesman in such state for about forty minutes, Baba returned him human shape. Then both of them, tradesman and his wife, prostrated in front of Baba, and after it they remained his devotees till the end of life. Devraha Baba was Brahmarishi – this is the highest level of yogic comprehension.

Baba lived on manch. This is a name of the platform raised above the ground on poles, where thatch hut of yogi was placed. This manch is saved so far. Devraha Baba didn’t allow other people to touch him. It was considered that his energy was so strong that it could kill. Sometimes the elder pulled his foot off the platform and put it on the head of a visitor, he gave blessing that way.

Many people from all the classes of society flocked to Baba, and Mahatma Gandhi came once. During the conversation Devraha told Gandhi:

 – Do not go to Deli.

 – I can’t, – objected Gandhi, – There will be a big meeting and thousands of people are waiting for me.

 – Then take the blanket and never part with him, – with these words Devraha Baba threw his own blanket to him. Gandhi carried the blanket with him, but before the speech he forgot it in a car. During the meeting Mahatma was shot dead.

Baba used to walk bent over, what could be seen on photo, because he held inner Kumbhaka and Uddiyana Bandha constantly. Sometimes he went to Yamuna “to have a wash” and disappeared under water for several hours; sometimes people saw the yogi walking on water. Devraha loved the river and used to say that he was the child of Yamuna. Baba fed on milk and water from the river.

There are fields spreading behind the ashram of Devraha Baba, where  Krishna played with his gopi five thousands years ago. There is Radha Rani kund – the pond created by Krishna for consolation of Radha, his main beloved, when she took an offense that Krishna paid too little attention to her. Locals greet each other saying “Radhe, Radhe!” till now in memory of Krishna’s beloved.

In the end of 1980-s Devraha Baba was visited by soviet journalists and reportage about him was shown in program “Vzglyad” which was popular that time. In addition, Baba blessed the reporter by putting foot upon his head and said that he gave blessing to all Russian people. He added that Russians would have to suffer more time, but it would be for the better.

Then he predicted dissolution of the Soviet Union and arrival of Gorbachev to India, which hadn’t been officially announced yet. Baba said that “he knew Gorbachev well” and he should visit Baba – “I will bless him and give him an advice”. It’s known that Gorbachev with his wife came to Baba – helipad for important guests was constructed not far from manch. The advice which was given to the first and the last president of USSR is unknown.

Once a group of western researchers and journalists studying Indian yogis and sadhu came to the elder. One of the scientists asked Baba about how old he was. Baba only smiled in response. Then researcher asked the yogi to give them a strand of his hair for researching in laboratory. It was possible to find out the age of Devraha Baba by means of analysis. Master agreed and cut off a strand of his hair. After three months the scientist came back to Baba. He was crying and got close to manch. The analysis showed that hair belonged to a five-year-old child.

Sometimes Devraha left for Himalaya, allowing to follow him till Rishikesh only. Nobody knew where he used to go further. During the big religious festival Kumbh Mela the yogi was seen in different places at the same time.

Once Baba said to Swami Rama, the author of well-known book “Life with himalayan masters”: “Happiness is the greatest of all wealth. Punctuality is crucial. The practice of advanced breathing techniques is equally important. The technique of non-aging is the technique of pranayama”.

During lifetime the elder loved cows very much and took care of them. He said that a cow was the only animal whose urine and manure has healing properties. The last words of the master were: “Save the cows”.

When the yogi was dying, the top of his skull broke off – this occurs with powerful yogis when their life force leaves the body, rushing straight up. According to his covenant, the body of Devraha Baba was put into wooden crate, which was sunk into the waters of Yamuna. When after several hours the crate was pulled out, it was empty – the saint had dissolved his body in the water. Before he passed he had said: “Without physical body I will be able to help you even more”.”


From the book of Swami Rama “Life among Himalayan yogis”

Non-aging yogi

“Almost every summer Devraha Baba, who lives in the eastern Uttar Pradesh, arrives at one temple in Himalayan mountains to live there for several months. It is said he is very many years old. I don’t know for sure, but I heard that doctor Rajendra Prasad, the first indian president, took personally witness that the age of Devraha Baba was more than a hundred and fifty years old. According to him, father took him to this man, who was very old at that time already. This statement Dr. Prasad made at the age of seventy. It aroused my curiosity and I made it a rule to meet Devraha Baba, while he made a stop in Rishikesh on his way to mountain temple. We often talked there. He lived in a pine-tree temporary hut, which was constructed for him wherever he went. Sometimes he lived in a log houses. He looked to be about seventy years old, and he looked completely healthy. Despite the fact that he is very strict and does not allow any of his disciples to touch him, at times he starts talking about divine love. Devraha Baba is famous in Northern India. Huge crowds of people gather hoping to be honored with his darshan. He has a huge number of followers; he is often visited by police and other government officials, wanting to be blessed. During the Kumbh Mela in 1974 he was visited by several of my American students.

I tried to reveal the secret of his longevity and found that he regularly practiced certain aspects of yoga, ate only fruit and vegetables. There are many specific yoga practices. Yogis choose among them those ones which are suitable for them. During one of my conversations with him, Baba said: “Happiness is the greatest of all wealth. Punctuality is crucial. The practice of advanced breathing techniques is equally important. The technique of non-aging is the technique of pranayama”.”